Q1: What is Good Jobs?

Good Jobs was started to benefit people.

It is more than job matching. It is about understanding the future-of-work and using common sense technology to re-design processes so that hiring employers and jobseekers can create more meaningful outcomes.

By sharing ideas and working together, we send a message across this volatile world – no one is alone. Hiring employers and HR practitioners are not alone in their recruitment drives and paying endlessly for elusive leads. They list for free and we give them a platform to engage securely. Jobseekers are no longer helpless in charting their own career pathways. They are no longer limited by job choices, skill gaps and lack of market awareness.

What happens next is truly phenomenal. Together we return the power-of-recruitment back to the hiring employer and the power-of-choice back to the jobseeker. And this is exactly how we grow and build our good communities.

Q2: Who is Good Jobs target audience

You and the wider community.

We are all part of the same community. Whether you are an Employer or a Recruiter, or that you are a job seeker looking for that first job or a mid-career hire, there is always something for you and for your consideration. Check out the portal and see things for yourself!

Q3: Do I need to pay to use good jobs? Are there any hidden out-of-pocket expenses that I ought to know?

One simple word: FREE!

You do not have to pay and there are no hidden out-of-pocket expenses or pay-as-you-use scheme here. We just want to provide a smooth and rewarding user experience and if you are happy and satisfied, please tell your friends and family about us. Let them know how useful this site has been and how you have benefited from it.

Give us a testimonial. Drop us a mail and LIKE and FOLLOW us on our social media channels. Support us in our job fairs, check out our training and upskilling courses; and if you really wish to pay it forward - come sign up with us as a volunteer in our community job fairs and other programs that we will be rolling out.

Q4: How is my information and privacy protected?

Kindly refer to our PDPA, Privacy and Terms for more details. Click here

Q5: How can I retrieve my forgotten password?

At the sign in screen, click the "forgotten password" and you will be prompted to enter the email address that you have registered with us in the beginning. Once you have done so, we will email a link for you to reset your password. Do ensure that you keep your email account valid and active.

Q6: How can I report a problem or give feedback? Or get more help?

Check out our Contact Us page and submit your inquiries or report an issue to us. Click here. We appreciate all your feedbacks - good and bad. This is because we want to improve and serve our community better. Being good is a journey and we are very happy to embark on this journey with you side-by-side. Thank you for being patient and kind to us.

If you need more targeted help in your job search and perhaps even resume writing for example, please contact our partners at THE SOCIAL EQUITY. Click here.